March 18, 2021 Office Princefield


During the first few days back, we will be focussing on the children’s mental health and well being and reintroducing them to school life and working within a classroom environment with their peers and friends. The more structured curriculum, including English and Maths etc. will then be re-introduced as the week progresses and teachers will start to assess where your child is and any gaps there may be, so that planning can be adapted to address this as soon as possible.

As the majority of the Spring term has been spent in lockdown we will not be issuing interim reports as we would normally do at the end of the term. These will be resumed at the end of the Summer Term. There will also not be parent interviews as planned this term. After Easter, we will be offering opportunities for those who require it, time to discuss any thoughts/ concerns regarding their child’s progress. We will give you further information regarding this at the beginning of the summer term.