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In July 2022 OFSTED rated Princefield First School as a ‘GOOD’ school stating…

Pupils at Princefield are happy to attend. This is because they are well cared for by staff. There are highly positive relationships between staff and pupils that start in Nursery. This helps to develop confident children in early years who are eager to learn. Pupils continue to have a positive attitude to learning as they go through the school. They work hard in lessons and enjoy their learning. Pupils learn a lot from experiences such as the recreation of the Great Fire of London.

Pupils say that most people are kind, and they feel safe. Pupils play well together on the playground.  Pupils are proud of the roles they have in school such as being a bookworm or being on the school council. They have enjoyed visitors to school that have supported their learning for example t he Stone Age man. 

Leaders, including the trust and governors, are ambitious for all children to succeed. There is a broad and balanced curriculum It aims to give pupils the knowledge and skills they need for the next stage of their education.

Quality texts are also an important feature of the curriculum. This starts in early years and encourages a love of reading and books. Pupils spoken to were enthusiastic about books and authors. Leaders in the early years also understand the importance of learning to read as soon as possible. Phonics teaching starts as soon as the children start school.

Staff use a range of assessment strategies across the curriculum. Quizzes and flashback fours check on previous learning . Staff then use the information from these to inform their teaching When necessary they revisit learning to secure pupils long term knowledge and  understanding.

Pupils behave well around the school, on the playground and in lessons. They show respect to adults and each other. They follow the school rules of be ready, be respectful , be safe ’’.

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